Risk Assessment and Liability Review

Businesses are regulated by federal, state and local governments in a myriad of ways. Even the most basic regulation, like when and how to pay employees, can be difficult to properly comply with, leading to exposure for penalties and lawsuits.

My Risk Assessment and Liability Review service identifies the areas of risk exposure in your business. I conduct a comprehensive review of all areas of your business, including internal controls and other processes, and then I provide customized recommendations to reduce or eliminate liability.  My review of your business practices will include review and advice on your regulatory compliance obligations.

Regulatory Audits

If you receive a letter of audit or investigation, I can help! I have assisted clients in navigating the audit process, and my work has saved my business clients thousands of dollars in potential fines and penalties.  Every situation is unique, so call me to find out how I can help.

I can assist with federal audits nationwide, from agencies like DOL, ICE, OSHA, EEOC, and more.

I provide state and local audit assistance in Colorado and Washington State only.