Wendy Pacheco


I am a seasoned research professional with nearly 20 years of experience across multiple industries. At Roepke Law Office, I am a research consultant and jack of all trades, assisting the lawyers with a variety of services, including:

1) Researching past legal cases for application to client’s needs

2) Reviewing client forms for quality control purposes

3) Analyzing marketplace and landscape for overall law office business strategy

4) Providing administrative support as needed

5) Anything to help Roepke Law Office clients

My Background

I have spent my career focusing on research for a variety of industries, with a strong focus on the cable and television world. I graduated Colorado State University with honors (Magna Cum Lauda) and a Bachelor of Arts degree. I began my research career a few years later as a research analyst for a television network. I transitioned to several other industries before landing at a telecommunications research company where, as a Vice President, I helped build and implement research products for the emerging online video industry. From there, I returned to the TV network side of research, responsible for a wide range of research with a direct impact on sales, marketing and programming decisions.

I have transitioned out of the corporate environment, embracing the role of research consultant for clients in varying industries, including Roepke Law Office. I am able to utilize my wide range of skills, including data analysis, project management, primary research and C-suite-level report creation.

As a professional, I am driven by efficiency and accuracy built on values of being trusted and dependable. And I enjoy working with a company like Roepke Law Office that embraces making a difference. But I am most passionate about my family, including my husband and two children. We are Colorado natives and we enjoy all that this beautiful state has to offer, particularly its professional sports teams!

When you work with me you get more than just sound advice. Contact me today.