Employers: Should You Do an I-9 Self-Audit?

If you’ve hired employees, you know that you must collect certain information about those employees in order to comply with the law.  One thing you absolutely must do is verify an employee’s right to work in the United States and fill out a form I-9 with the essential details. You also know that you can only […]

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So You’ve Formed Your LLC…Now What?

What happens next after you form a new LLC? How can you make sure the company runs smoothly?  These are my basic do’s and don’ts for LLC banking.  To learn more, contact me! DO! Deposit all income payments to the LLC bank account, not a personal account. Pay company bills out of the LLC bank […]

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Regulatory Audits – What to do (and Not to do) when your business is investigated

As an employer you know that your employment practices and policies need to comply with federal and state laws.  What you may not realize is that the various state and federal agencies that enforce these laws could at any time conduct an audit to scrutinize those employment practices and policies.  Regulatory audits can pose serious […]

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